We met Nancy at an open house before we moved to the Bay Area. She struck us as very knowledgeable of the real estate market. A year later when we were ready to buy a house, we contacted her. As first time buyers, we had a lot of questions. Nancy guided us through the entire process. She was very patient, and didn’t push us into doing anything we were not completely comfortable with. She also encouraged us to consider things that we would not have thought about ourselves. When we found the house we liked, she worked with us late into night to put together an offer. Even though there were already two offers on the house, Nancy was somehow able to convince the seller’s agent that ours was the strongest offer. She was very thorough about finding out everything about the property so that we knew what we were getting into. She even went to City Hall to make copies of all the permits on the house. We felt very comfortable working with her, and would recommend her to anyone.

-Mountain View, 2016

Nancy was recommended to me by another real estate agent when I was looking for a bigger condo for my family. She was absolutely wonderful to work with. In a seller’s market, there can be pressure to bid higher than the list price. It was reassuring that Nancy never pushed me to make an offer that was higher than what I was comfortable with paying.She also understood that I need to make my own informed decisions, and provided me all the information I needed to do that. Also when I was not able to email the paperwork over my company’s firewall, she went out of her way to pick it up from my office and deliver it to the mortgage company and seller’s agent. Once we were in contract, she did a thorough inspection of the condo with me, and pointed out issues not found in the home inspection report. As a bonus, she even paid for a home owner’s insurance. I feel confident knowing what to expect in terms of future maintenance issues and that those issues will be covered.

After closing, Nancy continued to be there for me. She gave me useful advice when I was trying to decide whether I should keep my old condo or rent it. When I decided to rent it out, she helped me with the advertising and paperwork. She also referred cleaners and painters to get the condo into good shape. Nancy saved me a lot of money because I was going to hire a property management company, but even more than that, I can trust her to help me with any issues that might arise in the future.

– San Jose, 2017

Nancy was introduced to me by one of my friends. He said he had a limited budget and didn’t want to get engaged in a bidding war and had to wait however long it takes to buy a right home at the price he can afford. He said he chose Nancy after he had bad experience with couple of other realtors since they started pressuring him to settle for something after showing few homes so that they make the profit and move on to next customer.

In spite of his detailed positive feedback about Nancy, I still did my own due diligence. I interviewed 3 realtors of my choice including Nancy. As my friend mentioned, she came across as personable, knowledgeable, thorough but tough when needed and above all, genuine with no typical sales pitch you would get from realtors. Hence I decided to go with her to buy my first home.

Like my friend, I was very budget conscious and my wife and son were very picky on location due to various constraints such as friends, sports club, etc. Hence, we saw 50+ houses in 8 cities in 25 miles’ radius over 6 months before we could choose the one we wanted to buy. My hunch is, based on Nancy’s experience, she could have directly taken us to the house we would buy. But we would have not had the satisfaction that we have right now as we took our own sweet time to compare and contrast all options with expert guidance where needed. That’s her specialty. She guides the buyer to make their own decision. She doesn’t make the decision for us.

Above all, there was one house that we liked very much but it appeared the seller realtor would give preference only to the buyer who have relationship with seller realtor’s company. I was frustrated because it is unethical for a seller realtor to do this. But the reality on the ground was bit different.

Nancy magnanimously encouraged me to switch the realtor if that would help me to buy my dream home. But I resisted as it would be selfish on my side to do so. However, this shows that she cares so much about the buyer she was even willing to forego 6 months of hard work unpaid to help the buyer get their dream home. Even though, I let that home go due to unfair business deal from the seller realtor we immediately found another one which we loved. Me and my family have been living in my dream home for a year now with no complaints. She is still in touch with us helping us on question about home insurance, home warranty, etc.

I don’t think I can find a better realtor than Nancy. Thank you, Nancy for helping us through the process. It was a pleasure working with you.

I would strongly recommend Nancy to anybody who wants to buy or sell their home.

– Dublin, 2016

We met Nancy for the first time to get an idea of whether it was a good idea or not, to explore the renting vs buying home in the Bay Area. We were convinced with her knowledge on the real estate market in Bay Area and decided to go with her, after we talked to couple of more realtors.

Unlike the others we spoke to, Nancy was more patient and listened closely to our requirements, dreams and limitations. She was very accommodating with our long work schedules and was always available when we needed her along the way. Nancy was able to find us our current home with all the needs we had, within our budget and all that in less than 3 months!

To present, Nancy has been helping us understand the nuances of home ownership and has become our family friend over the course of time, than being just our realtor. This alone speaks to the experience we have had with Nancy during our home buying process. We are glad we met Nancy and would recommended her without hesitation.

– San Jose 2016,

We could not have done it without Nancy. She was always willing to help, listening, making good suggestions, understanding the things we did not see,  following up after the deal was closed, without any hesitation and helping when we really expected no more help from her (and for no compensation as well :-): dealing with contractors, tenants, paperwork…) If there is someone “over and beyond”, she was it

– Mountain View, 2016

I’m convinced we never would have bought our house if it was not for Nancy. At the time we met Nancy, we weren’t sure what style of house we wanted. We were looking across the spectrum from older homes needing lots of upgrades to remodeled homes. Nancy helped us identify our needs, and provided the focus, direction and guidance we needed. In the end we bought a newer home in Campbell. Despite being in a highly competitive, multiple-offer market, Nancy made our offer stand out. We are really happy with our home and feel we got it at a great price.

– Campbell, 2016

It’s been a pleasure to have known as wonderful a person as Nancy. She is one of the very few people who is humble and down to earth. For us, she has been our Magician.

– Abhishek, Shruti & Sheebh, July 2015

Nancy helped us buy our first home. It has been pleasure working with her. She’s been honest, calm and composed, not pushy, “does it the right way”, always there to help. We trust her 100%.She’s highly professional and has in-depth knowledge about her work. She first understood our preferences; then searched houses accordingly. She kept us up-to-date with changes in the market, explained each & every thing without any rush. She’s been there to help at every step; helped us decide upon the loan agents, was there for the inspections and helped us move as well.

We together visited around 30 houses in the 3 month period. During this time she was there to answer our questions anytime; in fact our offer was accepted around midnight. We made 2 offers during this time and got lucky second time. Nancy did extensive market study to help us come up with the offers instead of just going up on listing price.

It’s been our privilege to know her. We would highly recommend Nancy for anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

– Arvinder & Gurvinder, March 2015

When one of our company offices moved, we decided to move to be closer to our work. Nancy moved us into temporary accommodations while she looked for the perfect home for us. She negotiated a great price, and found us a lender. Nancy took care of everything. We couldn’t have done it without her.

– Aijen & Soli, June 2011