Haunted Houses

Spookiest Haunted Houses in Silicon Valley

There’s nothing like exploring a haunted house to get you in the spirit of Halloween. Ready for some hair raising experiences? Just for you, we’ve assembled a list of some of the spookiest haunted houses, ghostly tours, and so much more in the Bay Area. Dare you to go!

Best Pumpkin Patches in Silicon Valley

It’s that time of the year again! The Autumn tradition is to head out to your favorite pumpkin patch and pick your perfect pumpkin to carve it up for Halloween or turn it into a pie. It’s something that everyone in the family can enjoy. Silicon Valley has many places for you to choose the best pumpkin, and entertain the kids as well. It’s as American as pumpkin – I mean – apple pie!

National Snapshot: What’s Ahead for Real Estate

The U.S. unemployment rate is at a 50-year low, and consumer confidence remains high. In fact, the University of Michigan’s latest Surveys of Consumers found that Americans have their most positive personal finance outlook since 2003.1 However, if you follow national news, you’ve probably heard speculation that we could be headed toward a recession. Global trade tensions and a slow down in the GDP growth rate has sparked volatility in the stock market, leading to economic uncertainty. Given these differing signals, you may be wondering: How has the U.S. housing market been impacted? Where is it headed? And more importantly … what does it mean for me?

5 Step Strategy for Downsizing Your Home

In our “bigger is better” culture, there’s an expectation that each home should be larger and grander than the last. But life changes like divorce, kids leaving for college, or even the simple act of growing older can prompt us to find a smaller home that better suits our shifting needs and lifestyle.

Will Your Remodel Pay Off? The Best (and Worst)

Ways to Spend Your Budget Most new homeowners have something about their property that they want to change. And as family needs and design trends shift over time, many will eventually choose to remodel. Some homeowners make updates to their property before listing it to maximize their potential sales revenue.

Serious About Selling? 5 Steps to Make Your Home the Best on the Block

We all want to be good neighbors. But when it comes to selling your home, it’s not just about “keeping up with the Joneses.” It’s about outshining them at every opportunity! If you’re looking to sell your home fast and for the most money possible, you’ll need a strategy to set it apart from all the other listings competing for buyers in your area. That’s why we’ve outlined our proven, five-step plan for serious sellers.